If you think earning $16-$20/hour is chump change, then you don’t know about teaching online! For the past 9 months, I’ve averaged more than $1,600 a month teaching from the comfort of my own home and in two years earned nearly $30,000 in part time income. And it might surprise you that I earn this money while singing, laughing, and teaching English. Not too many part-time jobs can claim that. I don’t have to deal with traffic, bosses, and office drama. Inside this course, you’ll learn all the Do’s and Don’ts of learning how to apply to be an Online ESLTeacher. Igive you great advice on how to apply within minutes of completing this course. This is a highly-rated course with students who are giving me five stars for the volume of information I provide. Icontinually pass on new information so that you’re always updated with the latest. Here’s a quick fact: The ESL industry rose to a value of over 45 billion US dollars in 2018 and is set to rise to 56.2 billion by 2021.These numbers show us that the industry is not just a trend. English as a second language statistics prove that it has rapidly become the fastest spreading language in human history, This field is booming with more and more companies sprouting up. Ijust saw a recent number that’s touting that? The Online ESLTraining industry for childrenis booming right now and the demand for authentic-speaking English teachers is in high demand! This is particularly true in China which is what this course is about. Specifically it’s my own personal journey of how I sought out remote jobs while working part time from home. What I found was this enormous eco system of online ESLcompanies that are sprouting all over China that are hiring American and Canadian teachers. If you have a college degree, at least one year of teaching under your belt, or if you are in school to become a teacher, this is an excellent way to bring in great pay for doing practically nothing. No prep is needed, no studying other than the pre-demo videos, and once you’re done with class, you don’t have to take any work home. And the best part is you can even take the job with you when you travel. It’s easy money and some companies are even granting super incentives for recruiting where you can make bank for 20-30 hours a week. So join me and learn the basics of teaching online ESL, learn the ropes, learn what employers are looking for and make an impact on your life while working at home. Make a difference by bringing home great pay and having fun. What job do you know where you can sing, laugh, and play silly games and get paid? Take this class and learn from a TESOL-certified teacher who has taught well over 4,000 students for a whole year! I’ve taught over 1,000 classes and have loved every one of them! You can’t beat it! This course will show you how I was able toapply, train, and pass the mock calls as well as learn how I designed my filming area andvaluable tips on presentation. If you enjoy teaching to children, then this class is for you! Note: Not all of the information presented will be the same for every company.