PUREPENTATONICPROS (PUREPENTATONICPOWER2)- Do you love Rock and Blues guitar music? Are you a guitarist with a good grasp of techniques and theory but want to go further? Has your guitar playing gone stale? Do you want to push your guitar solos and rhythm to the next level? – Do you have a strong desire to play like the guitar legends? – Do you know your scales and how to apply them on the guitar neck but lack inspiration? – Are you tired of bouncing around YouTube searching for structured information from a real guitar teacher?”Pure Pentatonic Pros” is the follow up course to the bestseller “Pure Pentatonic Power”. It’s Bigger, Bolder, Bluesier, More in Depth and full of incredibly useful, practical information. It’s for guitarists with a passion for Rock and Blues Guitar music. A beast of a course, to say the least and you are going to want to get involved! The Pentatonic Guitar Scale is used more than any other guitar scale and “Pure Pentatonic Pros” is a celebration of it’s versatility. We have 6 sections in total with 5 hours of video, along with around 74 downloadble/prinatable resources, including jam tracks, maps and tabs. Section one is the Classic Section. Here we kick-off where Pure Pentatonic Power left off. The 4 licks are of a similar vibe, Classic Rock and Blues lead guitar, just a little more tricky with more finesse and phrasing. You have a different Guitar Jam Track for each section of the course. This one is in D Minor. The tracks come at 3 different speeds. Section two is the Expressive Section. Here we explore art of phrasing in lead guitar solos. Using dynamics, rhythmic touches, space and tasty technique we will learn to “speak” through the guitar. I was thinking of guitarists like BB King, Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Gary Moore, Mark Knopler, David Gilmour, Satriani and many other greats here. Section three is the Major Pentatonic Scale Section. Often overlooked as a ‘stand-alone’ scale, it has a sweeter, happier sound when used for Country, Blues and Rock Music. Again, you will have 4 examples to learn and perform. Each spanning 4 bars of music. You will learn the shapes and how to apply them. At the end of this section you will understand how to form these scales and how they relate directly to the Minor Pentatonic. Section 4 is the Rhythm Section. Studying the styles of Hendrix, Motown and bands like ZZ Top and Deep Purple, you’ll learn how to find chords in the Pentatonic Scales, how they work together and how to find melodic phrases within these chords and positions. Section 5 is the Huge Blues Section. A very detailed look at real traditional Blues Guitar Soloing. We have 3 guitar solos to learn: Minor 12 Bar, Major Pentatonic 8 bar solo and we finish with a 12 bar solo mixing Major, Minor, Blues and Mixolydian scales. This section is where you will learn the secrets of authentic blues lead guitar. You also receive my personal Blues Map and a full introduction breaking down how to use it. If you have ever wondered what you favourite Blues guitarists were doing, here is where it’s at. We finish with section 6, the Extreme Section. This section is a little more modern and has some complex techniques. Involving 3 note per string Pentatonic patterns, large interval stretches and intense performance pieces. It’s only for the brave. Essentially these are lead guitar lessons, but as you can see we have a section for the rhythm guitarist too. It is aimed at intermediate to advanced guitarists. And it will help to have had some experience and maybe of had some guitar lessons before. It would certainly be useful to know your Pentatonic Scales and i do advise taking Pure Pentatonic Power first if you don’t. All shapes and scales needed are provided on screen though if you wanna go for it anyway. You are provided with all you need: Twin Camera angles, Slow methodical breakdowns (in close up) from a real guitar teacher, TAB on screen, Performance pieces with 3 speed jam tracks, Downloadable TABS, MP3’s, scale maps and resources. It’s as close as you will get to a private 1-1 guitar lesson in this guitar video course format. So do not waste time, get involved and enter the course now. You have nothing to lose apart from increased enthusiasm playing guitar. See you the inside. GuitarJoolz