How to become a Document controller? Document and Record management courses will support your learning and achievement in your job because you will develop skills for managing information. The topics of the courses focus on the use of best practices by the student so that it gives the best effect while attending the interviews. The knowledge and skills what Document Controller learns will help him to get the best out of our courses. The study will also help him in a life-long learning journey. DescriptionWe are proud to offer Skill Development Training Program in greater depth of all phases of Document and Records Management (from generation to Destruction) using industry best practices with the interactive practical approach. This Course is an overview of Document and Records Management. This course is meant for those who would like to understand what is the difference between Document Management and Record Management. It gives you the glance of overall Document Management. Also best practices of both Document and Records Management. This course is useful for both: Beginners in Document Control This course will give a robust foundation for the profession, will explain all the tasks and responsibilities. You will acquire necessary competencies that can be applied to day-to-day work. Experienced Document Controllers Most Document Controllers learn the discipline by doing work. This course will help them by consolidating the basics, formalizing the knowledge and by deepening the competences. It guides the experienced Document Controllers to compare their experience with best practices of the trade. . : Document Controller.