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If you would like to understand and utilize Quickbooks software to its full capacity, save time and money in ther process, and have personal one-on-one support to answer all your questions, this unique and powerful course was developed by Mat Hultquist, a practising CPA in Greenville, SC. Mat has been self-employed in the field for nearly 20 years and works with businesses of all sizes each and every day to help them properly use Quickbooks so they can grow their business.

In this course, we explore the wonders of Italian art after World War II. We begin with the diverse movements that developed in Italy following the fall of Fascism and the end of occupation, including Lucio Fontana’s Spatialism, Marino Marini’s modernist take on Italy’s Etruscan heritage, and Arte Informale – an expressionist painting style pioneered by Emilio Vedova. 

In the second half of the course we focus on Arte Povera, Italy’s most influential modern art movement. The movement, founded in the 1960s, challenged assumptions about what constituted art but is best known for its radically different approach to materials. The influence of Arte Povera in Italy is hard to ignore, and many of its founders, such as Marisa Merz, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Jannis Kounellis continued making art into the 21st century.

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Quickbooks University – Best Quickbooks
Mat Hultquist
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Business and Finance


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