Raccoon Memes For Animal Lovers

Halloween season is almost here, so it’s time to celebrate all of the vermin in the animal kingdom. Sure, black cats, bats, and spiders typically get the publicity for this upcoming month, but many different animals deserve a chance to shine as Halloween Monster Animal of the YearTM.  For instance, raccoons. If Universal Studios had not featured black cats as horror icons and instead made raccoons a monster animal in their B movie horror flicks of the 1930s, I guarantee raccoons would be the mammal on everybody’s favorite Halloween merchandise. Raccoons even have cute little black masks around their eyes, making them perfectly festive and biologically designed for Trick or Treating. If you don’t like raccoons, it’s probably because you’re afraid of them, which also fits with the Halloween season. Love them or hate them, raccoons have a mischievous deviant quality that will someday surely come to represent the spooky season.