Random Batch of 24 Weird and Blursed Pics Collected From the Depths of the Most Unusual Subreddits Known To Mankind

I’m gonna start this off with a big — I DON’T KNOW OKAY? The internet is so weird. I genuinely have no idea what people are thinking 99.9999 percent of the time. Scrolling through Reddit and its rabbit holes can get pretty intense… there are things you do not wish to find, trust you me… While other things are actually weirdly funny enough to share. 

These subreddits strip your soul to its very core, and make you question your own existence, your place in this world (of which you know barely 1 percent about)… the internet is a vast wasteland for our entertainment, but sometimes it just goes too far… Am I being dramatic? Okay, I’ll stop.

Some of the subreddits include r/weird (duh), r/blursedimages, r/chairsunderwater, r/Ooer, r/bradstapledtotrees… need I go on? Some of these are truly blursed, as one of the titles suggests. So, into the rabbit hole we go! Scroll down for some of the weirdest, cute (?), and most interesting pics I’ve scavenged while occupating these unusual subreddits. Also, enjoy some coworker memes while you’re at it.