Random Memes For Some Guy Named Randy Um

We’ve got a fresh hot list of memes for one Mr. Randy Om? Is there a Rand Om in the room? Randolph Om, are you present? Thank you, I’ll be here all week. 

Coming up with clever and funny pun names is one of the few instances where I find the art of punning vaguely tolerable.  My friends and I keep a list of different pun names we think of. They range from incredible to abominable: Collin Response, Jaqueline Turn, Miss Taken Identity, Patty O’Furniture, Heather Interior, and Cathy Lick. The list goes on and on. Pun names usually appear in two contexts: crank calls by little rascal children and drag names. There are rare exceptions to this. I went to school with a girl whose last name rhymed with “Earhart” and her cheeky parents cleverly named her “Amelia.” Now that’s taking punning to a new, borderline unethical level which I can’t help but support.