Random Memes Roasting On An Open Fire

Oh boy, I can’t wait to scroll through these totally random memes. But before I do so, I can’t help but remember that the word “random” rhymes with “ransom.” If you’ll allow me to go on a little tangent about the word “ransom,” I hope you wouldn’t mind. Even if you do mind, you’re not going to stop me. 

For some unknown reason, my dad’s middle name is Ransom. It’s one of those names that you’d expect quirky millennial parents to name their son to make him sound unique, but this is not the case with my father. Oh no, my dad is a 60-year-old man whose middle name means “a sum of money or other payment demanded or paid for the release of a prisoner.” To me, that is iconic. I cannot wait to name my son, my daughter, or my future pets some iteration of the Ransom name in order to pay tribute to my rad dad.