Random Memes That Serve Up Entertainment Lickety-Split

Some people love to say that good things take time. They’re not 100% wrong, but sometimes it’s good when things are quick instead. Internet connections, restaurant service, and doomed situationships are all appreciated better when they’re fast. Instant gratification isn’t just beloved because it’s easy, it’s also very fun. Memes wouldn’t have endured for as long as they have if that wasn’t the case, and they are perhaps one of the quickest forms of entertainment around. One of their main strengths is that their messages go in one ear and out the other, leaving us with more space to consume even more memes, and to make people create more. It’s a system that is efficient in some ways, and unwieldly in others. It’s not our job to wring our hands over this, just to make sure we look at as many of them as possible. That’s the only reason a list like this exists, so tuck in.