Random Memes to Relieve the Holiday Hangover

What up, fools? I guess we’ve survived yet another holiday season. Now we are tasked with somehow getting through the weird week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I, for one, am feeling bloated, dazed, dehydrated and very, very dumb. I’m sure many of you feel similarly, if not hungover from alchohol, hungover from social interaction or excessive amounts of sugar and sodium. 

When we feel a bit “under the weather,” metaphorically or physically, we find the internet has a way of coming through to pick up our spirits. While sometimes this happens on Steam, it feels like memes are really the ones getting us through the tough times and the tired times. So we’ve put together ar post-Christmas hodgepodge of random memes to either keep you dopamined up or really distracted. The way we’ve been feeling today, either one works.