Rare and Creative Insults From the Ready Wordsmiths of the Internet

There are many different types of intelligence in this world. Some people are mathematical whizzes who do seemingly needless equations just for kicks. They can do complex math in their head and calculate tips within seconds. Then there are the artistic geniuses, who understand how to create masterpieces with paints, pencils, sculptural materials, or even garbage they find on the street. I’ve always envied science nerds who actually understand space and time, the physics of everything. There are people whose minds are goldmines of esoteric knowledge that could really give your team the one-up at pub trivia. 

More than any of the above smarts, I envy the ability to rapidly dream up creative, scathing insults to use against enemies, both personal and detestable public figures. The next best thing to dreaming up these disses is gleefully perusing them on the internet. Thanks to the r/rareinsults community on Reddit, that’s pretty easy. We’re here to share those inspiring barbs with you