Redditors Discuss What Will Be Nostalgic In 50 Years

60 years ago, retrofuturism was all the rage. Shows like The Jetsons predicted we’d have flying cars with and robot maids by now, but we have nothing of the kind. Predicting the future accurately is really difficult, because unless you’re a highly intuitive psychic woman at the local fairgrounds, most of us don’t feel confident making definite predictions for how the next couple of decades will go down. 

With the future of humanity increasingly uncertain, most of us are predicting things in 2072 being worse than they are in 2022. That’s why when Redditor klausbrusselssprouts asked the people of Reddit what they thought would be nostalgic for people 50 years from now, they said things like “snow” and “easily accessible fresh water.” How droll. Hopefully, the future isn’t too bleak, as others had more optimistic and exciting predictions for how the bulk of the 21st century will go down.