Redditors Explain All the Movie and TV Villains Who Kind of Had a Point

Most of us can agree that a lot of the time, life isn’t always black and white. Different situations, and the way that we act in them, can offer a lot more than initially meets the eye. Everybody has had a time when they’ve been unfairly painted as the bad guy, which means that it’s a pretty common trope in much of the media that we consume.

However, it isn’t always so obvious when it gets presented to us. If the older we get, the more we understand why villains exist, then it also becomes more simple to spot why the characters that we are supposed to be rooting against in movies and TV might actually have some valid points with what they’re doing. This has been underlined in a Reddit thread, asking about all the supposed villains who were kind of on the right side of history. There are more than you might think.