Relatable Memes About the Human Agony of Stubbing a Toe

There are truly memes about absolutely everything. It’s kind of like Rule 34, except…a mostly cleaner phenomenon. For example, I just searched Google for “memes about itchy buttcracks” and there are at least thirty memes about this cringey topic. If I search “meme about dropping ice cream” there’s a similar wealth of examples. While there may be memes about everything, not everything is worthy of its own meme listicle. We have to be choosy. And today we’re choosing to share memes about the unparalleled agony of stubbing ones toe. 

As a person who for some reason resists turning on the lights when I get up to pee or for a glass of water, my toes have seen (and felt) a lot. I may never learn how to walk so that my toes get some relief, but at least there will always be memes to remind me and my clumsy body that we’re not alone.