Relatable Memes and Affirming Reminders For People Who Are Simply Not Okay

In the words of the popular rock band My Chemical Romance, “I’m nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot okaaaay, I’m not okaaaaaaaay, I’m not o-f*ckin-kay!” Yeah, I might be writing this at the end of a long weekend, but long weekends are just more free time to think about your problems if you’re depressed and/or having a total existential crisis. Just kidding. Long weekends are the perfect time to try to ground oneself. While some people may turn to wordy self-help books, therapy sessions (expensive!), or even more controversial tactics like hypnosis, psychedelics, or ketamine, we’re more into the tried and true methods of scrolling through relatable memes and tweets that remind us that we’re not completely broken. We’re working on it. So if you need something to shake your proverbial shoulders and tell you that, you will, eventually, be okay, we’re here for you.