Relatable Memes That Can Make You Say, “I Do That”

I don’t know if any social media will ever die yet live on so positively in people’s memories as Vine has. The iconic quotes from Vine (I don’t even have to list them for you to know them) have stayed within the internet cultural consciousness for years since the social media platform’s untimely death seems to be emblematic of an internet culture lost to time. As much as I tolerate TikTok, I don’t know if that app’s trends will age as well as the late Vines. I’m nostalgic for the 2019 TikTok trends as much as the next internet-poisoned Gen-Z fool, but I can’t quote the Danielle Cohn Harvard Sweatshirt dance to my friends without getting a few head scratches and looks of disgust from the generations who came before me. For now, all I can do is wistfully quote Vines, longing for a time unlike now, when we were innocent and free.