Relatable Memes That Could Make You Blow Air Out of Your Nose

There are so many ways to communicate that you find something funny. While some contexts condone raucous crazy laughter that makes standup comedians stop their set to find the guy with the weird laugh, other situations require a little more understated laughter. When you’re listening to a podcast or scrolling through funny memes on your phone, laughing loudly is not the most socially acceptable response. I listen to a podcast that makes me cackle at the pharmacy, grocery store, and walking down the street. It’s humiliating! Luckily for me, it’s rare that I’m scrolling through Instagram or Twitter and find a meme that elicits the same reaction. I’m not implying that memes are less funny than podcasting comedians. Far from it! When I see a funny meme, I have a more socially acceptable response: blowing some air out of my nose in a manner that connotes amusement. I’m hoping that the following memes, in all of their relatable glory, will have the same effect on you.