Residents of Tiny Village in Belgium Will be Sharing a Massive Lottery Win, Taking Home $915,000 Each – Tax Free

​By Waldemar Brandt

In the 1998 comedy Waking Ned Devine, a multi-million dollar lottery jackpot is split between the stunned residents of a tiny Irish village.

Well, last week, the film’s storyline became a reality for the small Belgian village of Olmen, near Anterp.

165 Olmen residents divided up an unbelievable $150 million dollars won in the Euromillions lottery. The ticket will pay out $915,000 to every individual—tax free. (That’s around €870k.)

Local shopkeeper Wim Van Broekhoven, who regularly organizes a group pot for the drawing—with each person contributing €15 ($20)—said the residents are shocked by the lucky win.

According to Euronews, One person already knows what they want to do: fulfill a lifelong dream to spend a few months in America, and hike the Grand Canyon. Another said they will split it among 3 children and many grandchildren.

EuroMillions spokesperson Joke Vermoere told Reuters it was the first time in Belgium that such a big group had won this much.

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“It’s a lovely story, really.”

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