This is a short training course about objective and numerical risk evaluation, as risk management becomes one of the major knowledge areas that adds value and bring benefits to the project, its important to be aware of all calculations required to identify the project risk exposure. This course will cover all math formulas used to evaluate individual risks and overall project risk, and the course will explain in details 4 Major topics: Risk Score, Expected Monetary Value, Decision Tree Concept, Contingency reserve calculations, Monte Carlo Simulation In each lecture you will find few questions that will improve your understanding of the concept explained in the lecture, at the end of course you will have 10 questions with detailed answers in exam form, at the end of the course you will be able to download some helpful resources to pass PMI exams. What makes all my courses unique that I create and pick for you tricky questions, I dont select simple ones just to count questions! Dont expect to see simple & direct to the point questions in the exams, you should read the question carefully in order to pick the correct choice. Click the Take this course button and lets start some useful risk calculations. , , 20.