‘Sad Beige’ Mommy Influencers Spark Ridicule for Obsession With Boring Aesthetics

With all the struggles that come with parenthood, it’s only fair to let moms try and have fun with it once in a while. Most of us have a baby picture or two where it’s clear that our mother was a little too excited to pick out our outfit. 

However, there’s a difference between someone having fun dressing up their kids and turning it into an aesthetic-obsessed lifestyle. Unfortunately, the rise of influencer parents has caused a rise in moms who will stop at nothing to make sure their children match their furniture — but they are getting criticized for it.

When @haliwriteswords called out TikTok parents who chose to put the entire life of their child in a neutral color scheme, people were quick to agree with her. It takes a lot of effort to look that bland, and it’s not good for a baby’s development either. While you might want your family to look a certain way, all a little kid cares about is bright colors and flashing lights.