Sand Artist Creates Moving Portrait of The Queen on English Beach in Fond Farewell

​Soul2Sand – SWNS

A sand artist has revealed her own unique tribute to the Queen after creating a giant portrait depicting her majesty’s postage stamp on a beach.

Claire Eason, 57, spent four hours painstakingly etching the amazing 65-foot image using a garden rake on Bamburgh beach in Northumberland.

“As I was filming with the drone the tide came in and I captured it just touching the image and I thought this looks like a goodbye,” said the retired family doctor from Sunderland.

“It’s been really touching to see people’s response, they have said it is a fitting farewell.”

Claire started a company called Soul 2 Sand to create the beach art for special occasions.

She said she chose the image of a first class stamp because it is one of the most recognizable of Queen Elizabeth.

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Soul 2 Sand – SWNS

“I was very saddened when I heard The Queen had died, she has been a part of everyone’s life for so long.

“She has given us all that sense of constant and when that comes to an end it’s hard.”

Watch her creating the portrait in the video below…

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