Sassy Christmas Memes for Frosty Grinches That Are Destined for the Naughty List

Ahhh the holiday season. It’s allegedly a time for cheer, merriment, and joy, but who actually genuinely feels that? Christmas time would be better described by crippling anxiety, family drama, and debt. If you’re a grouchy grinch during the holidays, it might not actually be your fault and you’re certainly not alone. It seems like 50% of the people out in the world are hating the season, while the other half of the population are just children who have no woes or qualms and are waiting for 40 gifts under the tree. As adults, we’re just happy if we come out into the new year with a new pair of fuzzy socks and a spare $20 in our bank accounts. Embrace your crabby temper and harness your road raging energy into things that are more productive by doing classic Christmas activities such as frantic cookie decorating, furious snowball fights, and screamo caroling.