Satisfying Times Clever People Trolled Phone Scammers

Picture this: your cellphone rings and the sound alone makes your skin crawl. You look down at the screen and lo and behold,  just what you suspected—unknown caller. Do you answer? Do you screen the call like so many others before it? After weighing the options, you make a decision. You’re feeling brave today, so you take the call. There’s a pause and then the mysterious unknown caller reveals themselves in all their cringe: “Hello. We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.” Joke’s on them—your license has been suspended for a year now. You have a choice: do you hang up, or have a little fun?

When trolls and phone scammers cross paths, entertaining things can happen. In one Reddit thread, madlads boast about all the different ways in which they took control of unsolicited spam calls and turned the tables on unsuspecting scammers. Take notes.