Scammer Tries To Get Dude To Pay £650 For Training At His ‘New Job’

Certain groups of people are uniquely susceptible to scams. Elderly people constantly get scammed by fake calls, emails, and websites. I remember back when QVC was the biggest thing in the “scamming the elderly” industry, but clearly, it has only grown in the past 20 years. Anyone who isn’t that internet literate is at risk of getting scammed. When everything is done online, it’s much harder to sniff out weird and scammy vibes.

Job websites are a place where scams are omnipresent. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether a company is legit with a bit of light googling. The best way to determine whether a job is a scam is to look at the job posting itself. If the position description is very vague, that can be a red flag. If it includes barely anything about the actual job and only emphasizes the pay, that is another red flag. Scammers try to prey on desperate people who want a job at all costs, and unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Redditor u/xlil_stoopidx