Seasonal Depression Victim Shares Invaluable Advice on How to Handle Winter

For a significant minority of people, the coldest parts of the year are also some of the hardest. Not everybody can handle months on end of so few hours of sunlight, and it can make things a real struggle when you’re just trying to get on with life. 

Seasonal depression is a serious issue, and often advice for sufferers doesn’t extend that much far past buying a big box that lights up. Somebody who hopes to change that is @strategistjas, who has experienced the mental health issue for several years. Writing on Twitter, she shared some vital tips that she felt had helped her through some difficult times.

Ranging from taking your vitamins to remembering to go outside, these ideas aren’t exactly rocket science. However, they are a helpful reminder for those who don’t feel 100%. Sometimes it’s the simple things that we forget, and that make the most difference.