Self Aware Memes For People Thinking About Themselves

Are you aware of yourself? If not, I’m telling you right here, right now, that you are a human person living on this earth, and because of that, it’s time to get onto the self-awareness train. I sometimes struggle with being so self-aware that I constantly think about the parts of myself that nobody else sees or cares about. Self-awareness can turn into self-loathing at the drop of a hat, so if you’re thinking about contemplating who you are, you better be careful. 

Despite that, I think there are many good things to gain from self-awareness. If you understand how you operate in the world socially and professionally, you are better able to change yourself for the better. If you listen to how others perceive you, you can perceive yourself more holistically. If you are a little bit self-obsessed and proud of it, these hilarious memes might be just a tad bit relatable.