Sensational Memes To Engage Your Senses

If grew up around a lot of women, you probably have encountered a pyramid scheme or two. It took me so long to realize that the pyramid scheme I was most exposed to as a child, Scentsy Candles, was actually a pyramid scheme because it seemed so normal. At the time, I was incredible at selling Girl Scout Cookies to everyone. I wore strangers down at the local grocery store so much that they had no choice but to buy at least three boxes of my Thin Mints. I was determined to get my friends and family to buy as many Girl Scout Cookies as humanly possible. I had no reason to believe that it would be weird for adults to have their own kind of Girl Scout Cookies. When you’re a kid, you sell delicious treats, and when you’re an adult, you sell cubes of wax to melt in your high-tech candle. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that Girl Scouts might be running a pyramid scheme of their own, and there’s no reason to buy a candle that plugs into the wall.