Serendipitous Memes to Be Happened on by Chance

If you have happened upon this list, the likelihood is that it wasn’t really purposeful. Memes might be things that we often go looking for, but these specific memes were always going to be here to surprise you. Trend forecasting what the next big meme is going to be is often a tricky thing to do, because they rely on so many random elements. 

There’s no reason why the average meme lover should want to do that, anyway. You’re just in it for the feeling, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everything has to be so serious, and the right kind of memes understand that. This list is purely here for entertainment reasons, and will hopefully give you some novelty as it fulfils that purpose. Was it meant to be? We will never know, but we also don’t really need to. It’s just a bunch of dumb internet humor, and nothing more.