Shameful Wedding Moments From Entitled and Narcissistic People

I used to love weddings. And I mean, in theory, I still do. But they’ve gotten completely out of hand. I used to think the events were a celebration of love. An opportunity to get loved ones into the same room, lubricate them with alcohol, and let the games (and fun) begin. Nowadays, I’m not so sure. Weddings seem to be more of a status thing than anything. An opportunity to collect checks from people. An opportunity to have photos taken that you’ll inevitably repost on Facebook or Instagram every few weeks for ten years. For some people, it’s an opportunity to steal the spotlight. We’re talking callous MILs wearing white dresses, or controlling mothers who need to be involved with every wedding planning decision. Over the years, it’s really been revealed that weddings bring out the worst in people. Especially brides. We’ve combed the haunted halls of r/weddingshaming for some prime examples of how not to behave when either attending a wedding or going to one. And boy, do these posts make us want to boycott weddings in general.