Short and Sweet Tweets For Easy Entertainment

It recently came to my attention that if I was left to my own devices, I might end up rotting in my bedroom and never leaving my apartment. That’s because it’s so easy to waste my own time scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s not the most healthy situation. See, I end up putting off important things like laundry or showering, all because I get sucked into the social media hole. I end up cobbling together terrible outfits from whatever is clean, and having to take a little “French shower” so I don’t offend the people who I spend time with, at home or at the office.

If I had more self-control, this wouldn’t be an issue. So I’m trying to restrict myself by enjoying Twitter through the lens of other peoples’ listicles because at least they have a beginning and an end. If you, too, lack the ability to tear yourself from Twitter, maybe you’ll enjoy this format as well.