Singing Bus Driver Becomes a Star After Making Music Video to Show Family in India What He Did for Work (WATCH)

​Ranjit Singh – SWNS

A singing bus driver has become an unlikely Youtube sensation after a feel-good music video he made about his job racked up tens of thousands of views.

Ranjit Singh wanted to show his family in India what he did for a living so he made the film with the help of his colleagues at National Express.

His song celebrates multi-cultural Britain and what it’s like to serve a multi-faith community while driving buses across the industrial heartlands of the Black Country.

Despite what some might consider a mundane subject matter, the heart-warming video about the pride Ranjit takes in his work has attracted him thousands of adorning fans.

Since the four-minute long footage was uploaded to Youtube, a video which was originally just meant for family, has been viewed more than 66,000 times.

The uplifting track was recorded against the backdrop of one of the company’s garages and at West Bromwich Bus Station.

“I have a great passion for driving and singing, so I wanted to combine the two together,” said the 59-year-old from West Bromwich in the West Midlands of England.

“I thought there was no better way than a video to show my family back home what I do for a living.

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“I have worked at National Express West Midlands for 13 years and take great pride in what I do.

“There’s a real team spirit and I wanted to do something that celebrated the many different communities we have at our West Bromwich depot and how we all work together as one team.”

Ranjit Singh with fellow drivers – YouTube / SWNS

Recorded in the Punjabi language, but with English subtitles, sprightly Ranjit dances away as he sings: “Friends drive buses together.”

“With honest working hands, we drive the buses. From different countries brothers drive buses together…we all drive the buses from our different faiths.

“All the different cultures and nations drive buses together as friends. Working in the offices as brothers. We sit together in the canteen as brothers.

“Doing overtime shifts we exhaust the buses. Within different countries friends drive the buses together.

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“If any drivers need moral support we give it to each other. Health and safety priorities must be taken before holding the steering wheel.

“We check the bus condition before holding the steering wheel.

“Sisters also drive the buses from different cultures and nations from all over the world. Sisters also became bus drivers within the UK.

“Staying happy and in high spirits we work together singing with our brother Ranjit.”

“Fabulous!” said one fan on YouTube. “Thanks to Ranjit and everyone working so hard to keep us all moving.”

Another gushed, “This is why we should be proud of multi-cultural Britain. All colours and creeds coming together. Keep up the good work Ranjit.”

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David Bradford, managing director for National Express West Midlands, said: “Our staff really are our greatest assets.

“They all work incredibly hard to keep our customers moving, and to see the enthusiasm that they have for their roles in the company is great.

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