Sleepy Boi Memes for People Who Hit Snooze 100x Before Actually Waking Up

Believe it or not, sleep schedules are actually a thing and they’re very important to the rejuvenation of your body’s cells, mostly in your brain. So for people that have wonky schedules of sleep where they go days without more than four hours of REM and then counteract that with a day where they sleep 12 hours, they might not be doing very good. We need to do a wellness check for those people.

Then there are others, who simply would not function without 10 hours at night and a 2 hour nap during the day. What are you, a koala? Regardless, sleep is an activity that takes up at least a third of our lives (yikes) so you better have a nice firm mattress and a whole army of soft pillows to make sure you’re making the most of 30 years of your lifetime. Now go cuddle up and catch some ZZZ’s.