In this lesson we will focus on the stride technique that we ended on in part 2. We will work through an easy and more advanced stride pattern along with licks and a new Minor Blues Stride song. The licks in this song can be applied to many other blues songs both in Major and in minor! Trills, turns and double-stops are an important aspect of blues piano playing. We will cover these in detail! You’ll also learn how to improvise using rhythmic cells. Rhythmic cells are short rhythmic phrases that make it easier to create interesting sounding improvisation lines quickly. In this lesson you’ll also learn how to create a slick stride left-hand accompaniment pattern that you can use to create your own arrangements. Slow Minor Blues Volume 3is JAM PACKED with a ton of blues piano gold tips. If you’re serious about learning blues piano, you will want to check out this lesson! After learning stride patterns and licks, we put this all together into a complete song. Seeing everything come together will make it easier for you to see how to apply these techniques to your other songs and arrangements. Basically, you’ll see how to lock-in these techniques faster by seeing it put into a song. Want to play with a group?The techniques you’ll learn in this course work well in both a group or solo piano setting! Jam Tracks are included so you can jam with the band in the comfort of your own home.