Sociopaths Brutally Bully Roommate Into Moving Out, Roommate Leaves and Takes Half the Apartment With Her

Most people who have had to spend a large chunk of their adult lives renting have likely experienced some version of the roommate from hell. Whether it’s someone who seems to thrive in their own filth and garbage, or a mooch who eats all your groceries while you’re at work, or someone who likes to break things every time they get a little bit upset, there’s no limit to how bad a bad roommate can be. Some roommates can be straight up sociopathic.

When u/Nymyane_Aqua‘s roommates made it clear to her that they didn’t want her to renew her lease so that someone else could move in, u/Nymyane_Aqua objected to this idea and said that she planned on staying. Instead of having a civil conversation about it, like normal adults, OP’s roommates instead launched a reign of terror, bullying OP until she eventually had no choice but to move out. But she didn’t comply without first unleashing a little maliciousness of her own.