Southwest Airlines Catches Flak for Impromptu Passenger Ukulele Lesson

For those of us stuck riding in cattle class, there are few things more depressing than having to take a flight. As if the experience of the airport isn’t stressful enough, we are then subjected to multiple hours of no legroom, recirculated air, and generally feeling like garbage. 

No amount of tiny pretzel bags can make up for the experience of air travel in normal circumstances, and apparently, there are some airlines out there that are hellbent on making the whole ordeal much, much worse. Southwest Airlines has recently come under fire for a publicity stunt in which it made all its passengers on a flight to Honolulu undergo a ukulele lesson as part of a brand partnership with Guitar Center.

Sharing this to Twitter, people were not impressed with the audacious move. Deepest sympathies to anybody who was on that plane who just wanted to take a long nap.