Spicy Red Dead Redemption Memes for Gamer Cowboys

A friend gifted me Red Dead Redemption 2 at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. When I first saw the game sitting in my Steam library, I didn’t expect the experience to help me get through quarantine as much as it did. I really took my time with it, at first mainly focusing on side quests and hunting in the beautiful digital wilderness. At times I completely forgot about the crumbling, claustrophobic world around me. A lot of critics of video games write the medium off as vapid entertainment that encourages escapism, but sometimes temporary escape from a traumatic situation can be a very therapeutic thing. If you’ve never played Red Dead Redemption 2, I highly recommend it if you’re feeling a little cabin feverish but can’t afford a vacation at the moment. And if you have played the western action-adventure, you’ll definitely enjoy these dank Red Dead Redemption memes.