Spot-On Memes About the Incredible Speed of Wikipedia Editors

Wikipedia editors must be a very special breed. It’s funny – I never really think about the people who fill the entries with information. Despite the many warnings of my old professors, I kind of take it for granted that I’m reading truthful facts about whatever subject I happen to be diving into. And while the incredible knowledge of Wikipedia editors is pretty impressive, it’s nothing compared to the incredible speed with which they switch “is” to “was” whenever a figure of import leaves this earthly plane. 

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II inspired many memes of varying levels of tastefulness, but some of the less offensive have to do with how damn quickly these editors get to work. While memes about this diligence are nothing new, the renaissance has definitely been a welcome one. To celebrate these jokes, we’ve put together an assortment of our favorite examples, with the help of our favorite meme resource, Know Your Meme.