Stay at Home Memes for Happily Secluded Introverts Who Always Choose Self Checkout (December 21, 2022)

Have you ever faked being sick so that you could stay home and watch a movie? Maybe you did it because your social battery was depleted, but maybe you cancelled plans because your elusive inner introvert got the upper hand on your decision-making… again. The introverted side of your brain knows that when your friends say you’re just going out for one drink, it means a long night of yelling over house music, drinking watered down well drinks, and tempting fate with a seizure from flashing strobes. Quite frankly, an extremely full glass of wine and a cozy set of covers looks a lot better at your age than high heels and mini skirts in an overcrowded bar. Your inner introvert knows what they’re doing. As long as you can manage to avoid eye contact with every grocery store clerk and swerve IRL interactions with the Amazon delivery guy every day, you might even be able to successfully become a hermit one day. Aspire for greatness.