Stay at Home Memes for Happily Secluded Introverts Who Always Choose Self Checkout

Being social is exhausting and draining, but fortunately, dealing with the humans in the outside world is a skill that is losing its value. Fortunately we live in the digital era, which allows us to be exactly where we want to be without risking out warm spot on the couch for much needed groceries or sunshine. Nope, in this beautiful modern world, you can order anything online without ever having to speak to an actual person, getting groceries, necessities, and everything you could imagine delivered straight to your door in under 24 hours. Introverts have never been more powerful. With their social batteries full, covers tucked neatly under their necks, and their ergonomic chairs reclined in the perfect position, introverted people are at their peak form. We are no longer slaves to errands, small talk, and pinch-lipped smiles on public transit. It’s 2022, you can simply be a lump at home whenever you please with no judgement from anyone… except your army of cats.