Stay at Home Memes for Introverts Who Cancel Plans to Hang Out With Their Pets (January 5, 2022)

There are two types of personalities that are constantly battling each other in everyone’s mind. There’s an extrovert screaming at the top of their lungs that they want to go party and the extrovert silently waiting for everyone to walk into another room so they can give a nice, reliable Irish goodbye. For some, they cage the extrovert and only let them out for brief moments, losing all of their social energy in the process. Introverts however, lock the extroverted cage and throw away the key. 

If you’ve ever cancelled plans simply because you’d rather hang at home alone, then you are one of the latter. The last few people to recognize their own wellbeing for the sake of being unpopular, I salute you. So what if you RSVP’d yes, maybe you just won’t be there. Sorry everybody, there is nothing left for you. My phone will be on airplane mode and my Netflix account will be utilized to its maximum potential.