Stay at Home Memes of the Week for Happily Secluded Introverts (January 16, 2023)

In the wee months of 2020 (*cough* three years ago *cough*), the world came to a standstill due to the pandemic. This catastrophe forced millions of people to stay at home in their houses, leaving only for essential items like 10 lifetime’s-worth of toilet paper and all the bullets they could buy at Big 5. Suddenly everyone was exclusively wearing loungewear, binge watching trash TV like Tiger King, and ordering door-delivered groceries from their phones. For some, it was a terrible lonesome nightmare, but for introverts, it was the dawn of a new Renaissance. 

Finally, every introvert on the planet had the most irrefutable excuse to cancel plans and avoid all human contact. There has never been a time so gloriously easy for people who would rather hang out with their pets at home, cozy under the covers with a new book in their hands. Back then, it was entirely socially acceptable to be a complete hermit and there was nothing anyone could do to stop you. Best times.