Strange Memes For Proud Weirdos

It is my professional opinion that too many memes are focused on being “relatable.” I’m talking about a particular type of relatability: a type that’s intended to appeal to everyone with no barriers to entry. This reliability is unconcerned with the nuanced demographics of meme consumers. If one meme is relatable to most people, it must be relatable to everyone, right? Wrong. 

I think there is a lot of room in the meme world for exploring different niches. I love memes that are made for a specific subculture or group and will only be understood by them. Those types of memes are like secret codes for subgroups. Memes are such a cool way of expressing emotions, and the makers of memes shouldn’t merely go for the most basic sentiments to express. Memes should be as chaotic and weird as any art form, and the following weird memes certainly let their freak flags fly!