Stress Relieving Relatable Memes for Anxious Overthinkers Who Want to Chuckle at Their Predicaments

Do you ever run lines in your head before having a standard human interaction? Sometimes it feels like you need to rehearse responses like, “Good, how are you?” and “I would like to order the caprese salad, please.” Half the time, you’re convinced you’re going to blow it and come off too cyborg-y, which, the more you think about it, becomes more and more likely. Oof. 

The endless overthinking cycle can become a prison. Not only are they destined to repeat lines in their head, but anxious folks are also cursed to relive their deepest, darkest moments every night at 2am– like clockwork. Fortunately, there is salvation for those moments of stress. The ultimate medicine for anxiety is finding humor in your pain. So here’s a collection of anxiety memes that won’t stress you out… (much)