Super Memey Memes For True Memeheads

I love memes. There, I said it. Few people these days are proud to admit they are memeheads, but I’m surely not one of them. I live and breathe memes. From the moment I wake up to when my head hits the pillow, memes are like sugarplums dancing through my head. I don’t opt for more intelligent ways to get my laughs. Give me silly little memes, and give them to me now. 

Then again, few people are as lucky as I am. Not a lot of y’all can say that you work in the meme industry. If you’re feeling a pang of jealousy at this moment, it’s only natural. For you, memes are a plaything to be chewed up and spit out of your otherwise focused brain. For me, they’re a lifelong intellectual endeavor that I may never fully grasp. If you fall anywhere on this spectrum of memedom, these memes might tickle your fancy.