New to working with children in the early years? Perhaps you’re a new parent wanting to actively engage in your child’s learning. Perhaps you want to look at new ways of integrating counting into everyday life. Perhaps you home educate your child and would prefer to teach in a more natural, hands-on based way of learning. Whatever has brought you to this page you will find ideas and suggestions to help with all of these in this easy-to-access course. I will cut through the jargon, skip through the philosophy and straight to the practical so that you finish each section with some ready-to-use tips to help your little ones thrive in your number rich environment! We will cover things such as identifying resources you already have, open-ended resources, how to spot learning and how to plan targeted activities based on your child’s interests. You will have plenty of templates to download, links to resources and access to an online social community to share ideas for activities based on your child’s next steps. My experience is drawn from years of teaching early years and key stage 1, before becoming a childminder and delivering early years education in my own home to dozens of children. I have three children of my own and home educate as well as offering private tuition to children right through to secondary age so you can be guaranteed that you are joining a course with someone using these skills every day, and developing them further every day! Looking forward to seeing you in our community!