‘Sure, I’ll do MY job’: Karen boss tries to sabatoge overworked and underpaid employee, they stop doing her job for her

If someone is going out of their way to do your job for you, it would probably pay to be kind and appreciative towards that person. Alas, the types of managers who are putting their subordinates in this position probably also lack the basic people skills necessary to make this realization. The thing is, there are all kinds of clever ways that you can “delegate” your own tasks to subordinate workers; as a manager, I’ve worked for certain organizations in the past that would dangle the carrot of a possibility of promotion in front of workers in exchange for the completion of tasks that weren’t technically part of their job description. These tasks were defined as “growth” or “development,” and while it was an open secret as to what was actually happening, they were at least documented and followed up on.

This worker grew tired of doing their manager’s tasks without the extra pay, so when the manager foolishly commanded them to to their job, it was time for a little malicious compliance. 

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