Surgeons Force Vet Students to Skip Lunch and Come to Lab Early, Students Collectively Refuse

Colleges and universities love to boast about how much they care about the mental health and wellbeing of their students, and yet often do nothing to put an end to cycles of bullying and punching down within certain intensive programs. u/Meekly-Enthusiasm gives a peek inside one such program in their recent post about how the veterinary students at their school were treated by the certified specialists overseeing their surgical lab. OP explains that the specialists expected everyone to skip their lunches and go straight to the lab from their other classes. They knew missing their only break would be risking both their own safety and that of their patients, so the students collectively decided that the earliest they’d be willing to show up to class was five minutes before the scheduled time. Needless to say, the lab specialists weren’t too happy that their little power trip didn’t work.