In this course you will learn to create a personal financial plan and succeed in your finance goals by increasing income, cutting expenses, and paying off debt in 4 steps! This course gives you the tools and expertise to accomplish this. You will receive worksheets to get organized and plan efficiently. You will learn how to make a budget that is not too constraining to ensure success. The key to this is to design goals, budgets, and plans around value! Value is different to every person, and by creating goals that do not overly limit spending on areas of where you find the most value, you will be more motivated to reach your goals! By working with your resources, you will learn to make small changes that will create impactful differences. There is no one size fits all approach to financial planning, and by creating goals and budgets catered to a lifestyle, anyone can come out of debt, build savings, and take control of their finances. This course also shows you how to maintain and change your budget as your lifestyle and financial situation change. Things do not always go according to plan: people make mistakes, emergencies happen, and curveballs get thrown our way. This makes keeping up with a budget difficult at times. By learning how to handle these situations with the right mindset, you can navigate these situations more easily. You will learn to change and adjust your goals rather than give up on them. This will ensure long term success.