Tasty Tweets Without the Drama of Logging In to Twitter

Twitter has almost always been a controversial zone. Over the past few years, it feels like it’s gotten…worse. Worse in the sense that there are more people on the site spewing hot takes and stupid sentiments. It’s also worse because Donald Trump isn’t around to spice things up. Yeah, we said it. Lately, however, the site has been embroiled in a little extra drama. This has much to do with Elon Musk’s acquisition of the ‘Bird app.‘ The takeover has led to a lot more “free speech” (use of the N-word on the app has risen dramatically) and backlash regarding Musk’s proposal of charging blue check accounts to keep their blue check designations. As a lowly person without a blue check next to my username (which is honestly for the best), I couldn’t care less about the threat of a subscription fee. I care a whole lot more about trolls being free to say literally whatever they want, screwing up my timeline in the process. If you’re worried (or pissed off) about that, too, then you’re in luck. We’ve got a whole bunch of quality tweets for y’all to enjoy without setting your proverbial foot in the Twitterverse. You’re welcome.