This course is directed at parents of young pre-school children, nannies of such children, and operators of early-age child care facilities. The course purpose is assisting these adults in helping children gain some skills in recognizing images of words that are already in their small vocabularies and to read the printed word associated with these images. The course suggests how to identify and prepare images, taken from various sources, especially the Internet, which fall within the child’s vocabulary, how to use images to expand the child’s vocabulary, and to link the printed word(s) to images. This is the basis of all reading. The course helps expand a child’s limited vocabulary to include phrases and sentences found in children’s books that feature stories with a small number of different words. Recommendations are made about outside reading material for the parent or teacher to use with the child to expand reading capabilities. The course is intended to be a guide which can be utilized over and over, as the child gains reading skills. This course is important, because a child can only gain academic knowledge in any subject by reading textbooks. A lack of reading skills inhibits and delays, sometimes permanently, a child’s ability to progress in school.